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artindustrial it

Technologie im Fokus

Wir sind artindustrial it.

Wir entwickeln WebApps, Content-Management Lösungen und Cloud-Applikationen.


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We updated our website and made it easier than ever for you to find us on GitHub. We upload examples and projects from our blog, so feel free to use it! @github #WebDeveloper #SharingIsCaring

In the next weeks and months we will do some minor and major improvements on our #website - be prepared! #soManyIdeas #gettingBetterEveryDay

Good morning! Our annual #AITDays are over and our crew is back in town, feeling better than ever. Let's take all those great ideas and feedback we got and make it work! #MondayMotivation #excited #HomeSweetHome

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Setting up email encryption in Windows


On most projects, there comes a moment when we need to work with sensitive data and need security in the communication with our clients. One of our ways to achieve the necessary security and privacy is by offering and using email encryption for sensitive information. This blog post will describe how this email encryption works and how it can be implemented for free on any computer running Windows...

10 best practices for creating good docker images


Today, a colleague asked me some questions concerning docker, and I decided to sum them up in an article, since they might be useful to someone else, too. Docker docs already contain a section Best practices for writing Dockerfiles containing a lot of useful information, but it’s far from complete, in my humble opinion. So here we go: 1 – Carefully look at how your PID 1 handles UNIX...

Serve a website with SSL encryption


Serving a website with SSL encryption makes sure that the connection between your web server and your user’s browsers remain private and integral. Any information that’s transmitted is encrypted and unreadable to everyone except the user and the intended server. This guide will help you to create a certificate for your domain and establish an SSL encryption for your website via https...

Testing a date picker for common errors


Quality assurance Date pickers are a ubiquitous tool in forms and are used for a variety of data from birthdays to travel dates. This guide explains how you can find the most common errors in a date picker by exploratory testing. These tests give you a pretty good idea about the quality of a date picker implementation without the need for developer know-how. Check the settings We’re going...

Technologie im Fokus

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